44 Bred Cows

44 Bred Cows

44 Bred Cows

Campbellsville KY

Price: $975


We have 44 bred momma cows for sale. They are a easy going and gentle set of cows. There are 20 black angus/black white face, 12 Char/ Angus cross and 12 Reds/rwf. All cows are guaranteed bred and have been vet checked. All of these cows have been checked for fall calving(6-8 months bred)All cows are good middle age mommas with good bags under them. Several 4-8 year old cows. Good set of momma cows to turnout and let them raise calves. Calf market is the best it has been in a while. I will take 975 each for the herd of cows. You can contact me at 2704039704. Our farm is located in Campbellsville Kentucky. We have delivery available on the whole set. Thanks
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